Pubg Mobile game new update 0.15 release soon in India. See features.

Pubg Mobile game new update 0.15 release soon in India-

The next update in line is that the PUBG Mobile update zero.15.0 that has already been excited with the new Desert Eagle shooting iron and BRDM-2 amphibian. And currently we’ve got 2 a lot of options that area unit coming back with constant update. the 2 new options we have a tendency to area unit set to induce area unit exploding barrels or gas cans and also the shelf grab feature. These were already introduced within the laptop version of the sport 1st, so on the console.

Exploding Gas will
Gas Cans within the game that have solely been accustomed refuel vehicles up heretofore can explode on shooting. This feature makes the Gas will a usable weapon. Like Grenades, the Gas will contains a radius of harm and can hurt each enemies and allies.

Ledge Grab feature
Ledge grab feature permits players to climb up the sting of roofs, fences, and obstacles up to a pair of.5 meters high, and jump from building to putting together or instrumentality to instrumentality. Players simply got to jump towards associate open shelf and also the character can grab on and climb up. To use this feature, players can need to jump towards a shelf and keep pressing key, or press it at the correct time.

New vehicle: BRDM-2
The BRDM-2 could be a new amphibian being superimposed to the sport with PUBG Update thirty. it’s a replacement for the Armored-UZI. Players got to use Flare Guns to decision within the BRDM-2 rather than the special care package. The BRDM-2’s total power unit is a pair of,500, and its health is doubly the maximum amount as UAZ. it’s basically mammoth with durable wheels that can’t be broken. Also, it’s a strong bulletproof vehicle that may scale back incoming harm from guns, grenades and Red zone. It will still travel from ground to water, however players can’t shoot whereas on board. The BRDM-2 contains a high water speed of 22kmph and high land speed on the road of 102kmph once boosted. It will carry four players.

New weapon: Desert Eagle
The Desert Eagle or Deagle for brief is that the preferred shooting iron in video games, and currently it’s on the market on PUBG yet. The Deagle could be a shooting iron that deals the foremost harm among pistols with nice velocity and can be spawned on all maps. Deagle will deal sixty two harm per shot, and take each red-dot and holographic sights. It will be equipped with varied magazines and a optical device sight that improves hip fireplace accuracy. it’s the foremost recoil among all the pistols. The Deagle uses .45 ACP ammunition and also the customary magazine fits seven rounds and also the extended one ten.

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