The Protesting Farmers in Chil beset by Pressure From the CM’s Government

The Protesting Farmers in Chil beset by Pressure From the CM’s Government-

The Farmer Protest is a new series of events led by farmers throughout the world. These farmers are upset with the way their lives are being disrupted by the current agricultural policies of the United States. The policies being discussed involve higher fuel prices, food prices, and overall farmer income. The protestors say that these are not just facts, but are a direct result of the policies being put into place by the government and the large agricultural corporations.

The ongoing spat between the farmers of India and Punjab is no doubt going to lead to yet another bout of farmer protest and violence. In the past the farmers of eastern India and Punjab have been fighting back against the policies put in place by the Centre and the Federal government. Farmers from both the states are refusing to yield to the policies of the government. These protests have been happening since long and it seems like they will not stop until the farmers of India are paid what they are due. There have been several cases of murder and lynching of farmers in the past few months along with numerous cases of torture and many more losses.

The chief minister of the state of Delhi has denied the charges against the protesters stating that it is a misunderstanding. The prime minister of India has also denied the charges. If the government has any positive plans for the progress of the economy of the country then it should be exposed. This government has failed to develop a clear and specific plan to improve the economic situation of the country. Many economists say that the failure of the government to provide concrete and quick solutions to the farmers’ demands and the farm issues is the main reason behind the farmers’ discontentment with the government.

Another major story that we saw in December was the clash between the Delhi government and the MCDs (Maharishi Cleanup Corporation) regarding the environmental issue of contaminated land. The Delhi government wanted to prohibit the use of lands for agricultural purposes by MCDs and other industries, but the Supreme Court turned down their plea saying that it is a state issue. MCDs have stalled on fulfilling the orders. After this, the Delhi Minister of Urban Development, Mr Smrfectus Sant said that he has discussed with the MCDs the demands of farmers regarding the sale of lands. However, the MCDs have not yet presented a formal reply to the Delhi Government’s demands.

Earlier this month, the MCD demanded that the Punjab Government to remove all barriers to farmers in accessing their lands. These barriers include electric fences and barricades set up by the MCD. The Punjab Farmers’ Union has also blamed the CM for the failure of the crops. CM Palaswantra has denied these charges saying that the economy is in a recovery phase and the farmers have only lost some amount of their income due to the bumper rice crop. He further added that he would review the entire compensation bill if required. However, the CM promised to look into the compensation bill on the lines of the farmers.

The entire state of Himachal Pradesh has been experiencing political crisis ever since the Lok-Bakra government was announced. The chief minister of the state, Padma vibhushan is under tremendous pressure from the ruling party to resign due to the farmer unrest in the state. A major political battle is expected soon in the state, which could lead to a change in the balance of power in the state.

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